Rebecca Danzenbaker Photography | About

About me:

I'm a sucker for stories with happy endings.
I believe in soul mates (and I was lucky to find mine at 25!).
I am fascinated by my two children. I still stare at them every day and think, "I can't believe I made a person!"
I love to giggle. I giggle while developing photos when I see we've caught a great moment.
I have the most amazing friends and family that a person could wish for.
I don't watch TV anymore (too much to do!), but I do enjoy a good movie while folding laundry.
I love shoes. I leave them all over the house.
I am a photography geek through and through. When I got my first DSLR camera, I read the manual cover to cover, then I read another manual (by a different author) and read that one cover to cover, then I bought a third manual (still same camera) so that I could learn even more! With my second DSLR, I limited myself to two manuals, though. ;-)

About my style:
Relaxed. Lots of time to get the perfect shots. No stress allowed.
Fun. (see comment above about giggling). We'll have a great time!
Magical. The right light, the right angles, excellent photo editing, and a little fairy dust.
You. The photos are all about beautiful, perfect, fun, amazing you.